Advanced practices are moving to Livonia Churchill starting February 20



If you do not want to pay on-line, fill out the on-line registration form and then mail a check or money order payable to PCWC to:

Coach Knop

5645 Wedgewood

Canton Mi 48187


If you have any questions contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Welcome to the Plymouth Canton Wrestling Club

Home of the Wolfpack!



We are off to a great start to the 2017-18 wrestling season. Our beginner and intermediate classes started on November 27th its not too late to join, see the schedule page for details. If you are a parent who is new to the club or a returning parent you may have some questions, this page should answer most of them.


Registration Fee:

Our fee for the season is $130 and includes Michgan Youth Wrestling Association (MYWAY) membership and a free shirt. Any child that plans on wrestling for their school districts middle school team can join the club for $65 and attend any of our classes before and/or after their middle school season. Anyone joining during the season should contact us about a prorated price before registering.


If a family is registering multiple children, the 2nd child cost $65, a 3rd elementary age is free. Maximum family out of pocket is $195.


About us / Mission:

Our club accepts all boys and girls K-8th grade as well as high school wrestlers who want to compete in MYWAY at the conclusion of thier HS season. We are not aligned with any one high school or district. The Plymouth Canton Wrestling Club (PCWC) is a tax exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. This will be our 9th season, in the past 7 years we have produced 143 state qualifiers, 61 state placers and 4 state champions. More important than the on-mat success are the life lessons that wrestling teaches the children. Wrestling teaches discipline, instills confidence, builds character and the experience your child has with PCWC will not only make them a better wrestler but will teach them lessons they will use thier entire lives.


Our mission is simple. We want to introduce as many kids as possible to what we believe is the greatest sport you can get your child involved in and develop a passion for the sport within them. We feel it's important to keep our beginner and intermediate classes a fun invironment and offer an advanced class for those that have made a commitment to the sport and want to reach the highest levels of success on the mat.


Even though this is one of the least expensive sports that you can get your son or daughter involved in, we understand that for some any expense for a sport is not a priority in thier current financial situation. We don't want any child to miss out on the benefits of this sport because of the cost. Reach out to us; let us know the situation and we will work it out. 


All those involved with running the organization and most of the coaching staff does so on a volunteer basis. A few of our young coaches are paid, we do this to try and keep some of our recent high school wrestlers involved in the sport and many have went on to coach at the middle school or high school level.


MYWAY Tournaments / Participation:

We are a registered club with the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association (MYWAY). They are a state wide organization divided into 8 regions; we are in the East region. MYWAY runs local tournaments every Sunday from December through March with a regional championship mid-March and state championship near the end of March for the top 4 regional placers. COMPETING IN TOURNAMENTS IS OPTIONAL and cost approximately $15 per tournament. Wrestlers are grouped together by age, weight and experience. Weight classes vary by age group. A wrestler's birth year will determine thier age group. The 2017-18 season age groups will be:


  • 11-13 Born in 2011, 2012 or 2013
  • 09-10 Born in 2009 or 2010
  • 07-08 Born in 2007 or 2008
  • 05-06 Born in 2005 or 2006
  • 02-04 Born in 2002, 2003 or 2004


Experience - Novice Division:

Applies to wrestlers with less than 2 years experience; however there may be instances in which a wrestler with more than 2 year's experience will participate in the novice division. This is determined by the head coach on a case by case basis.


Experience - Open Division:

Applies to wrestlers with 2 or more years of experience.


The tournament schedule is organized by MYWAY, once it is released we will email it to everyone and post a copy in the wrestling room. The schedule will also be available on the MYWAY website; 


Required Equipment:

The only equipment required for practice is wrestling shoes.


In addition to wrestling shoes the required equipment in order to compete in tournaments is as follows:


  • Singlet's are encouraged for tournaments but aren't mandatory. The alternative is shorts and a t-shirt. Shorts may not have zippers, pockets, metal or plastic of any kind.
  • Headgear
  • Hair net (If applicable)
  • Mouth Guard (If wrestler has braces)
  • Team apparel will be made available for purchase


What we expect from you:

Our club has always been run by volunteers, anyone willing to help out with fundraising or clerical work or if you wish to be involved in coaching, are committed and willing to coach ALL of our wrestlers  let us know.


It is important to remember as a parent or coach that you represent PCWC at all wrestling events. After going to a couple of tournaments, you will be thinking "not these parents/coaches again". We don't want to be "those parents/coaches" and end up being stigmatized as a group. Don't embarrass yourself or your child and try to keep this all in perspective.


Do everything you can to ensure your wrestler is at every practice, we cover new skills every day and a wrestler missing a practice means more work for the coaching staff getting someone caught back up. Get your wrestler to practice on-time; wrestlers should be in the room 15 minutes before thier class starts.



Skin conditions like ring worm can develop in wrestling rooms, we clean the mats before every practice; the other half of the equation is up to the parents and wrestlers. Please give your child frequent skin checks and make sure he or she is doing the following:


  • Shower after every practice and tournament using Anti-bacterial soap
  • Wear clean clothes for every practice


Coaches will conduct frequent skin checks prior to or during practices. In the event of a skin abnormality the head coach will determine whether your child may participate in practice. If a condition is found, you will be required to take your child to a doctor for examination before they return to practice or wrestle in a tournament.


Wrestling Room:

STREET SHOES ARE NEVER ALLOWED ON THE WRESTLING MATS. The only shoes allowed on the mats are wrestling shoes. Please remove your street shoes before stepping on the mats. This is one of the factors in keeping our mats clean and not damaging them.


Our wrestling room does not have a drinking fountain; bring a full WATER BOTTLE TO EVERY PRACTICE.


Parents are welcome to stay inside the wrestling room during practice. We do ask that parents refrain from individually coaching thier child in the room against thier partners.



Our primary communication is through email. Please make sure the email you provided in the registration process is accurate, preferably one that is linked to your phone. If practice is cancelled due to weather, notification will be by email. Weekly updates and important reminders are emailed as well.


Practice Schedule:

All practices are held in the Salem HS wrestling room; see the schedule page on our website for the latest schedule.